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Are there fees for terminating my natural gas and electric agreement?

Commercial Electric, Commercial Natural Gas

If you are a current customer, please reach out to us to discuss your supply arrangement.  If you are a new customer, please ask your Energy Advisor to review the terms and conditions of your proposal.  At NOCO, we believe in transparency and service.  We value your business and will work with you to find a solution.

Can I control my own heat?

Real Estate

Units where heat is included in the rent are kept at 70° during the day.  There is a nightly setback of 2 degrees from 10:00 p.m. to 6:00 a.m.

Can I convert my current oil furnace to a natural gas furnace?

Residential Fuels

Yes!  We can even remove the old oil tank.  An HVAC specialist can answer all of your questions and give you a free estimate.

Can I get air conditioning if I have a boiler or radiators?


Yes, there are ductless split systems available. Contact us today for a free estimate.

Can I increase the energy efficiency of my equipment?


It depends on the age of your system. If your system is over 10-years-old, replacing the system with a newer, more energy efficient unit will increase efficiency, saving you money on energy bills.

Commonly Used Electric Terms

Residential Electric

Electric Supply Charge: What the customer pays for energy purchased on their behalf in the wholesale market by either the Utility or an Energy Supply Company (ESCO).

Electric Delivery Charge: What the customer pays the utility to have power transported over power lines.

Merchant Function Charge/Retail Access Credit/Backout Credit: Credits given to customers who purchase their electric supply from an alternative supplier.

Load Profile: Data provided by the utility company which is used to shape hourly LBMP prices to come up with a normalized price. It helps accurately reflect a customer’s hourly energy usage.

New York Independent System Operator (NYISO): The organization responsible for the reliable coordination and operation of NY bulk power system as well as the facilitator of the NY wholesale market.

Kilowatt Hour (kWh): The amount of electrical energy actually used over time. For example, 10 100-watt lamps, when on for one hour, consume 1,000 watt-hours or 1 kilowatt-hour.

Megawatt Hour (mWh): 1,000 kWh

Kilowatt (kW): 1,000 watts

Megawatt (mW): 1,000 kW

Capacity: The capability to generate or transmit electrical power, typically measured in megawatts (MW) or kilowatts (KW).

Ancillaries: Services necessary to support the transmission of Energy from Generators to Loads, while maintaining reliable operation of the NYS Power System.

Location Based Marginal Price (LBMP): A pricing methodology under which the price of Energy at each location in the NYS Transmission System is equivalent to the cost to supply the next increment of Load at that location. LBMP is based off the NYISO reference bus (Marcy). Prices vary based on losses and congestion and are grouped into 11 different load zones.

Reference Bus: The location on the NYS Transmission System relative to which all mathematical quantities, including Shift Factors and penalty factors relating to physical operation, will be calculated. The NYPA Marcy 345 kV transmission substation is designated as the Reference Bus.

Losses: The power that is lost when power flows in transmission lines and transformers.

Congestion: The component of the LBMP measured at a location or the Transmission Usage Charge between two locations that is attributable to the cost of transmission Congestion.

Do you have to be home at the time of a delivery?

Residential Fuels, Delivery

If you have an exterior fill pipe, you do not have to be home at the time of delivery. As long as the drivers do not face any obstacles like excessive snow or debris they should be able to delivery your product without needing you to be home.  If you need your furance relit or your fill pipe is not accessible from the outside then you must be home at the time of the delivery.

Does NOCO Fuels offer a budget billing program?

Residential Fuels, Billing

NOCO does offer a budget billing plan for its residential customers.  Our budget program runs from July-April, with May and June being months of reconciliation.  The budget is calculated by taking the current market price and basing that on your average consumption of the past 2 years.  Budget payments can be paid out of your checking account through EFT or via credit card.  

Does NOCO accept HEAP benefits?

Residential Fuels, Billing

Yes.  Once we have received authorization from your county agency that your application has been approved, we will apply HEAP credits to future deliveries of products for your primary heat source. 

Does NOCO offer furnace and AC cleaning?


Yes.  The cost of preventative maintenance is often less than the cost of one unexpected repair.

Does NOCO proivde fuel tanks?

Residential Fuels, Commercial Fuels

NOCO provides propane tanks to credit approved, auto delivery customers.  NOCO charges an $89.95 tank rental fee on customers using less than 200 gallons per year.  If you own your own propane tank, NOCO will service and deliver propane for you provider the customer has proper documentation of tank ownership.  For more information on tanks call our customer service team at 800-601-6626.

Does NOCO replace thermostats?


Yes. Our qualified service technicians can replace an old thermostat with a new programmable thermostat which can help save money on your heating and cooling costs.

Does NOCO require renters insurance?


While renters insurance is not required, it is highly recommended. Residents' personal belongings are not protected under NOCO's insurance coverage in any way.

How am I billed for supply?

Commercial Electric, Commercial Natural Gas

NOCO offers our commercial accounts a variety of billing and program options -- including customized reporting.  Many of our programs can be billed directly through the utility (allowing for a consolidated invoice).  Some programs require two bills (one from NOCO for supply and one from the utility for delivery).  Please reach out to us to discuss billing options available for your account.

How am I billed?

Electric, Natural Gas, Billing

The utility will continue to bill you each month. The bill will identify NOCO as your energy supply company. You still only make one payment to the utility each month.

How can NOCO save me money on my natural gas & electric?

Electric, Natural Gas

NOCO is not a regulated utility with a mandated energy purchase formula or guaranteed profit margin. We are free to buy natural gas and electricity smarter than the utility and we operate on a substantially lower margin than the utility. Plus, enjoy substantial tax, tariff, and fee reductions!

How do I add a second card to my EZ-Pay account/what do I do if I forget my PIN number?

Friends and Family Program, Express Stores

You can contact EZ-Pay directly at (877)403-2222 and select option 5.

How do I add a second card to my EZPay/ZipLine account?

Store, Friends and Family

You can contact EZPay/ZipLine directly at 1-877-403-2222 option 5.

How do I apply for HEAP?

Residential Fuels, Billing

Visit for more information about applying for HEAP and your county's contact information.

How do I contact Friends and Family Customer Service?

Store, Friends and Family

(1) Phone 716-614-1320, (2) our mobile app, (3) email, or (4) ask an associate.

How do I earn entries for prizes?

Store, Friends and Family

You will receive one entry when you visit during the month and swipe your registered card at the pump or inside the store. Visit 8 times or more within the month-receive double entries, visit 12 or more times within the month-receive triple entries on each visit till the end of the month.

How do I enroll?

Electric, Natural Gas

Enrolling is simple.  Simply call us at 1-888-710-6626 or use our easy online wizard to Enroll Now.  Just have your current account number handy!

How do I know how many Friends and Family sweepstake entries I have per month?

Friends and Family Program, Express Stores

You can go to or our NOCO app, you will be able to see your monthly entries.

How do I learn more about the Terms & Conditions of the Friends and Family program?

Store, Friends and Family

Our terms and conditions are posted on our website at

How do I receive my Friends and Family free item?

Store, Friends and Family

When you swipe your Friends and Family card at the time of purchase; you will be offered your FREE item.

How do I redeem my Friends and Family reward?

Store, Friends and Family

When you swipe your Friends and Family card at the register; you will see a prompt on the pin pad.

How do I register my Friends and Family card?

Store, Friends and Family

Stop into participating NOCO Express location to receive a card from an associate, go to to register your card and receive fuel discounts, monthly offers, member in-store specials, entries to win prizes and birthday rewards.

How do I rent an apartment from NOCO Rentals?

Real Estate

There are three (3) requirements for renting an apartment from NOCO:

  • A completed and signed application with addresses and phones numbers (include area codes).
  • A security deposit equal to one month's rent and an application fee of $25. An extra $10 will be charged for each additional credit check required. Please note, no application can be processed without the application fee. Application fees are non-refundable.
  • Signed and initialed Lead-Based Paint Form. Federal law requires renters to sign this form in order to rent any apartment built before 1978.

How do I sign up for EZPay/ZipLine?

Store, Friends and Family

Simply go to fill out the EZPay Enrollment Application.

How do I sign up for paperless billing?

Residential Fuels, Commercial Fuels, Billing

You have a few options if you would like to take advantage of our paperless billing option.  You can call our customer service line at 1-800-662-6776.  If you have an online account with NOCO or would like to sign up for one, you can change your billing preferences to Email.  Finally, you can fill out this form and we will update your account.

How do I update my personal information connected to my Friends and Family card?

Store, Friends and Family

Simply go to: or our NOCO app.

How does the fuels product get filled into my tank?

Residential Fuels, Delivery

In addition to the tank, a heating oil storage system includes the fill pipe and the vent pipe.  The oil driver connects the hose from the delivery truck to the fill pipe when making a delivery of fuel. 

The vent pipe releases air from the tank as it's filled.  The terminus of the fill pipe and vent pipe are outdoors and near each other.  The National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) requires inside tanks to have a whistle (generally called a vent alarm) that indicates when, during a delivery, the tank reaches its fill point. 

How long does it take for NOCO to begin providing my energy after my enrollment is approved?

Electric, Natural Gas

The utility will notify you of your official start day by mail. The start day is the first scheduled meter read that is at least 5 (electric) or 10 (gas) days after your application date. Remember, you will receive your first bill approximately 30 days after your start date.

How many years will the typical heating or cooling unit last?


With proper maintenance and care the equipment should last between 15 and 20 years.

How much can I save by switching to NOCO?

Electric, Natural Gas

Every home is different. Your savings are influenced by time of year, size of your home, and energy markets. Contact us today to see how much you can save.

How often should I change my system's air filter?


For optimal performance, we recommend changing your filter at least twice per heating/cooling season, but you can change as often as once per month.

How often should I have my equipment checked?


NOCO recommends a tune-up once per year, usually right before the heating or cooling season begins.  Tune-ups provided by a NOCO professional will help ensure that your heating or cooling system is running in top shape.

How quickly are maintenance orders addressed?

Real Estate

If a service order is called in during normal business hours and the resident has given us permission to enter their apartment, then it typically can be addressed within 24 hours. Non-emergency calls received over the weekend or holidays will be handled the following business day. Residents who wish to be home when work is completed must call to schedule an appointment. To fill out an online service order request, please click here.

How will I know if I am a Friends and Family Sweepstake Winner?

Store, Friends and Family

Winners will be notified by email or phone call from NOCO Express Corporate Office. Monthly winners will be posted in store at all Express locations and published on our website

How will the utility know I've enrolled with NOCO?

Electric, Natural Gas

We take care of all the details and notify the utility of your enrollment. Switching is easy and it's free!  Once enrolled, you will receive a letter from the utility notifying you of your official start date. After that date, you will begin seeing NOCO listed as your supplier on your utility bill.

If I choose NOCO for my supply, will I receive the same service from the utility?

Commercial Electric, Commercial Natural Gas, Residential Electric, Residential Natural Gas

The utility will continue to safely and reliably deliver your natural gas or electric regardless of which supplier you choose.  Your choice of supplier only affects your rates.  

If I want it to be cooler in one area of the house, can I close the vents in the other rooms or rooms not being used?


We don't recommend this practice. Closing off vents restricts air flow and causes your heater or air conditioner to work harder, increasing the costs of your energy bills.

Is my information secure with EZPay/ZipLine?

Store, Friends and Family

The security of your data is very important to us. Your information is not sold or disclose for any reason. The information you have provided is required to verify and link it to your Friends and Family card.

Is there a limit to how many times I can be entered into monthly sweepstake?

Store, Friends and Family

NO, there is no limit. The more times you visit and swipe your card the more entries you receive.

Is there snow removal?

Real Estate

Absolutely! All properties are plowed and shoveled on a regular basis during the winter season.

Questions to ask when comparing proposals?


Not all contracts and proposals are the same.  It is important to review the contract terms and conditions.  Our NOCO Energy Consultants can help you evalute   

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What am I actually paying NOCO for?

Electric, Natural Gas

NOCO costs are only for the natural gas and/or electric you use.

What are NOCO's fuel prices?

Residential Fuels, Commercial Fuels, Billing

Your fuel price is listed on your delivery ticket.  For NOCO's current fuel prices, please call our customer service team at 800-601-6626.

What are current electric market conditions?

Commercial Electric

NYISO Day Ahead Market Settlements 

  Zone A Zone B Zone C
Month 2017 2018 2017 2018 2017 2018
September $23.64 $34.09 $21.28 $29.80 $21.72 $31.04
August $25.21 $33.84 $22.16 $31.94 $32.87 $34.23
July $31.83 $37.55 $24.77 $30.24 $25.74 $31.54
June $23.98 $30.10 $19.95 $23.94 $20.86 $25.51

Updated: 09/26/2018

View More NYISO Rates

Contact An Energy Advisor

What are our delivery schedules?

Residential Fuels, Commercial Fuels, Delivery

When you place an order it will typically be delivered in 24-48 hours.  Should you have an urgent request, please contact us and we will try our very best to accommodate.

What are the purchase item exclusion to earn sweepstake entries?

Store, Friends and Family

NO exclusions…you will receive an entry every purchase when you swipe your loyalty rewards card.

What are your hours for service?


When your heater or air conditioner breaks down, you want service fast! NOCO provides emergency service 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Our regular business hours are Monday through Friday, 8 a.m. - 4 p.m.

What do I do if I forget my PIN number?

Store, Friends and Family

You can contact EZPay/ZipLine directly at 1-877-403-2222 option 5.

What do I do if I've lost my Friends and Family card?

Friends and Family Program, Express Stores

Stop into participating NOCO Express location and ask the associate for a new Friends and Family card.  Register the new card by following the steps posted here at

What does it take to enroll in natural gas and electric?

Enrollment is simple and only takes a few minutes.  To enroll we need your company name, contact information, utility account number, and authorization.  We'll answer any questions you may have and will help you select a pricing program the suits you.

What happens if I cannot accept the Friends and Family sweepstake item?

Store, Friends and Family

There are no substitutions or cash value on sweepstake prizes.

What happens if I run out of my fuel product?

Residential Fuels, Commercial Fuels, Delivery

If you run out of your product call our customer service team at 1-800-662-6776.  If you are an automatic delivery customer, we will deliver your product the same day.  Customers on our will-call delivery plan will receive available delivery options when they call our customer service team. 

What happens if there is an emergency in my apartment after regular business hours?

Real Estate

NOCO defines emergencies as instances where a resident has lost power, heat, water, or if there is flooding in the apartment. NOCO has maintenance staff on call to address these issues. For emergency maintenance, please call 716-614-2247 and select option 2.

What is EZPay/ZipLine?

Store, Friends and Family

SAVE on your fuel when you link your checking account to your Friends and Family card and use it to pay for your fuel purchase. Each transaction with EZPay requires a PIN that you choose.

What is a Merchant Function Charge?

Commercial Electric, Commercial Natural Gas, Residential Electric, Residential Natural Gas

The utility issues this charge to all customers that are not enrolled with NOCO (or another ESCO) for the administrative costs of obtaining electricity supply.  NOCO customers no longer have to pay this fee!

What is a fuel pre-buy plan?

Residential Fuels, Commercial Fuels, Billing

This is a lock-in program that can help you manage your energy bills.  You purchase your heating fuel in advance of the heating season, at a pre-season price.  NOCO requires a minimum purchase of 500 gallons and that the customer be an automatic delivery customer. 

What is an ESCO?

Electric, Natural Gas

ESCO stands for Energy Service Company - a company other than your utility that is approved to supply natural gas and electric.

What is the PSC?

Electric, Natural Gas

The New York State Public Service Commission (PSC) is charged with monitoring the deregulated energy markets like natural gas and electricity. NOCO is a qualified supplier and approved by the PSC.

What is the difference between automatic delivery and will call?

Residential Fuels, Commercial Fuels, Delivery

Automatic delivery means that NOCO will automatically determine when a customer needs fuel by using degree day monitoring.  The customer does not need to place a call to NOCO for a delivery.  NOCO will automatically deliver fuel on a regualr basis.

Will call means that a customer will monitor their own consumption and will call NOCO when a delivery is needed.

Who do I call if I have an emergency or a problem with my natural gas or electric service?

Electric, Natural Gas

In an emergency, or if you smell gas, you should immediately call local emergency personnel at 911 or your utility at these numbers:

  • National Fuel (800) 444-3130
  • RG&E (800) 743-2110
  • NYSEG (800) 572-1121
  • National Grid Electric (800) 867-5222
  • National Grid Gas (800) 892-2345

Who services my heating or cooling equipment?


NOCO has trained heating and cooling professionals on staff. A qualified professional will come to your home, service your equipment, and clean up when finished.

Who should I call for billing questions?

Electric, Natural Gas, Billing

The utility will answer most billing questions. You can reach the following utilities at these numbers:

  • National Fuel Gas (800) 365-3234
  • RG&E (800) 743-2110
  • NYSEG (800) 572-1111
  • National Grid (800) 642-4272

Why are there less taxes, tariffs and fees if I switch to NOCO?

Electric, Natural Gas, Billing

New York State is encouraging customers to choose a supplier, like NOCO, through offering tax reductions. When you choose NOCO, you no longer pay sales tax on the delivery portion of your bill.  Additionally, the utility issues a Merchant Function to its supply customers.  This charge is waived when you receive your supply from a source other than the utility.

Why should I become a registered Friends and Family member?

Store, Friends and Family

This is our way of rewarding our most loyal customers with fuel discounts, monthly offers, member in-store specials, entries to win prizes, birthday rewards and other surprises.

Will I still be a customer of the utility?

Electric, Natural Gas

Yes. The utility is still responsible for the delivery of your natural gas and electricity, maintenance of power lines, pipes in the ground, and reading your meter.

Will NOCO request to show my apartment?

Real Estate

Only under exceptional circumstances is this ever requested. We respect your right to privacy and will not be calling to schedule viewings in your apartment.

Will there be interruptions in my service?

Electric, Natural Gas

No, the transition is seamless. We handle all the details of contacting the utility and start providing your energy at the beginning of the next eligible billing cycle.