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Whether you’re a small firm or a large organization, NOCO is committed to helping your business manage its commercial electric expenses. As the largest local direct supplier of electric in Central and Western New York, we work relentlessly to deliver solutions tailored to the unique needs of your business.

About NOCO Electric

We have saved our clients thousands of dollars by helping them actively manage their utility expense. By applying over 85 years of energy mangement and supply experience, we build customized solutions that deliver more flexibility and value than anything offered by competing companies or traditional utilities.

Contact us today and we will provide you with a complimentary energy review and suggest a plan for action.


Clear Pricing

Our pricing programs and agreements are easy to understand and completely transparent.  NOCO charges no additional fees for service.


Custom Solutions

Our Energy Advisors and Pricing Analysts review each account to provide custom pricing options specific to your energy profile.


Personal Service

Our Energy Advisors meet directly with businesses of all sizes to evaluate their utility accounts and address budgetary concerns.

Energy Resources

At NOCO, we believe in education and transparency.  We are here to provide the tools and guidance to help you make informed decisions for your business.

What are current electric market conditions?

NYISO Day Ahead Market Settlements 

  Zone A Zone B Zone C
Month 2017 2018 2017 2018 2017 2018
September $23.64 $34.09 $21.28 $29.80 $21.72 $31.04
August $25.21 $33.84 $22.16 $31.94 $32.87 $34.23
July $31.83 $37.55 $24.77 $30.24 $25.74 $31.54
June $23.98 $30.10 $19.95 $23.94 $20.86 $25.51

Updated: 09/26/2018

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Commonly Used Electric Terms

Electric Supply Charge: What the customer pays for energy purchased on their behalf in the wholesale market by either the Utility or an Energy Supply Company (ESCO).

Electric Delivery Charge: What the customer pays the utility to have power transported over power lines.

Merchant Function Charge/Retail Access Credit/Backout Credit: Credits given to customers who purchase their electric supply from an alternative supplier.

Load Profile: Data provided by the utility company which is used to shape hourly LBMP prices to come up with a normalized price. It helps accurately reflect a customer’s hourly energy usage.

New York Independent System Operator (NYISO): The organization responsible for the reliable coordination and operation of NY bulk power system as well as the facilitator of the NY wholesale market.

Kilowatt Hour (kWh): The amount of electrical energy actually used over time. For example, 10 100-watt lamps, when on for one hour, consume 1,000 watt-hours or 1 kilowatt-hour.

Megawatt Hour (mWh): 1,000 kWh

Kilowatt (kW): 1,000 watts

Megawatt (mW): 1,000 kW

Capacity: The capability to generate or transmit electrical power, typically measured in megawatts (MW) or kilowatts (KW).

Ancillaries: Services necessary to support the transmission of Energy from Generators to Loads, while maintaining reliable operation of the NYS Power System.

Location Based Marginal Price (LBMP): A pricing methodology under which the price of Energy at each location in the NYS Transmission System is equivalent to the cost to supply the next increment of Load at that location. LBMP is based off the NYISO reference bus (Marcy). Prices vary based on losses and congestion and are grouped into 11 different load zones.

Reference Bus: The location on the NYS Transmission System relative to which all mathematical quantities, including Shift Factors and penalty factors relating to physical operation, will be calculated. The NYPA Marcy 345 kV transmission substation is designated as the Reference Bus.

Losses: The power that is lost when power flows in transmission lines and transformers.

Congestion: The component of the LBMP measured at a location or the Transmission Usage Charge between two locations that is attributable to the cost of transmission Congestion.


NOCO has done everything they've promised up to this point.  My natural gas and electric bills were reduced substanially.  Their energy consultant has been extremely knowledgable, professional, and accomodating.  I would highly recommend you consider what NOCO has to offer in the way of value and making a difference for your business. 

Three Heads Brewing

Dan Nothnagle, President

Our Team

Our team is here to provide you with ongoing support to help manage and control your business's energy costs. We will educate you on all aspects of our process, including the purchasing, pricing, and transferring of natural gas. We are always a phone call, email, or visit away.

Pierre Aubertin

Business Relationship Manager

Hobbies: Volleyball, hiking, camping and woodworking.

Why NOCO?  I chose NOCO based on its reputation and I believed there was a chance to grow with the company. I stayed because NOCO has proven to have deservedly earned its reputation for honesty, integrity and family values. I can come to work each day and feel good about what I do and what we do in the community.

Something you don’t know about me: My name might offer a hint. I was born in France and have lived here since the age of 2. I speak French almost as well as English.

Jolene Groth

Energy Consultant

Hobbies: Travel, concerts, and coaching my kids’ sports. I also have an obsession with soup—making it and eating it—whether it’s 30 or 90 degrees out.

Why NOCO? I find NOCO to be a perfect mix of a local, family owned company combined with a corporation large enough to be competitively priced and deliver the service we promise. We are large enough to garnish a great reputation and small enough to care about each and every customer. Being able to bring money back to local business owners is very special to me.

Something you don’t know about me: My middle school music teacher always called me a social butterfly. Now I’m realizing it’s a great trait to have!

Kourtney Smith

Energy Consultant

Hobbies: Spending quality time with my family, horseback riding, Irish dancing and music.

Why NOCO? Working for NOCO has allowed me to follow my roots by helping farms. Building trustworthy, longstanding partnerships with businesses all over Western New York allows me to feel a true sense of fulfillment in my career.

Something you don’t know about me: I have the worst sense of direction.

Richard Brooks

Energy Consultant

Hobbies: Ice hockey (I used to play Junior A).

Why NOCO? I enjoy working for a company that was founded in Western New York over 85 years ago. I also respect the company’s business ethics.

Something you don’t know about me: I am related to actor David Morse.

Mark Vilardo

Energy Consultant

Hobbies:  Golfing, fishing and spending time with family.

Why NOCO?  I chose to work for NOCO because of its solid reputation in the community for being honest, transparent and ethical. I continue to work for NOCO because of the way employees are treated and management style: if you take care of your employees, they will take care of your customers.

Something you don’t know about me: I am a certified grill-master.

Tina Salvatore

Energy Consultant

Hobbies: Volleyball, walking/hiking, listening to music, reading, playing cards, traveling, and gardening.

Why NOCO?  It’s important to me to represent a company that treats its customers and employees well. With NOCO’s integrity, longevity, family values, great reputation and customer service, I knew it was a great fit.

Something you don’t know about me: In high school, I won a Kiwanis Athletic Award for playing the most sports in consecutive years with the most sportsmanship. Steve Tasker among other professional sports players were there in my honor.


If I choose NOCO for my supply, will I receive the same service from the utility?

The utility will continue to safely and reliably deliver your natural gas or electric regardless of which supplier you choose.  Your choice of supplier only affects your rates.  

Are there fees for terminating my natural gas and electric agreement?

If you are a current customer, please reach out to us to discuss your supply arrangement.  If you are a new customer, please ask your Energy Advisor to review the terms and conditions of your proposal.  At NOCO, we believe in transparency and service.  We value your business and will work with you to find a solution.

How am I billed for supply?

NOCO offers our commercial accounts a variety of billing and program options -- including customized reporting.  Many of our programs can be billed directly through the utility (allowing for a consolidated invoice).  Some programs require two bills (one from NOCO for supply and one from the utility for delivery).  Please reach out to us to discuss billing options available for your account.

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